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I was out late last night to watch my first ever high school football game. Texas high school football did not disappoint. The Hendrickson Hawks scored two touchdowns in the 4th to come from behind and beat McNeil Mavericks 28-27.

My alarm went off at 4:00AM. I unconsciously snoozed the alarm, surprised by that lapse when the alarm sounded again. Got to get going to overcome the oversleep. I double-checked the weather and yep, Decker here I come.

I pulled through the gate into a deserted park at a quarter after five. I thought I was running late, but I was the first one on the lake. A yakker put in right behind me. I told him we had the lake to ourselves. He told me he normally launches closer to five but had overslept. Seems to be going around, LOL.

I made turns for the home of the giants. The yakker followed but dropped off at the peninsula. I continued east by the light of the full moon. I looked back at the ramp and still no other boats.

I pulled up to the point where I would start. Third cast got smoked by a good’un. Very next cast, another good fish. And so it went for the rest of the day. A very, very good day. No giants, but non-stop action with lots of hard-pullin’ three pounders. I also caught a four-pounder and a five-pounder.

I guess most people went to the UT-Bama game. I pretty much had the cove to myself. I methodically worked the shoreline. The bass were ravenous. Twice I saw bass jumping clear out of the water to eat dragonflies. I caught 22 largemouth, an epic day for sure. Off at noon.
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