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We launched first, uncontested as usual. The gibbous moon shone bright as we ran on calm water to the home of the giants. As we came off pad, I remarked how smooth the ride was. Todd nodded and said, “My speed was down, we were only going fifty.”
I asked, “At full throttle?”
He said, “Yeah, something’s wrong.” We pushed the mechanical issue to the back burner and started fishing.

My momma didn’t raise no dummy, I went straight to senko. Bam, fun fish on! Todd caught a couple of funfish on senko, too. He was moving us closer and closer to the honey hole where he caught a five pounder last week. I tossed a senko in there and got a good bend in the rod. I cried out, “He’s taking drag...” and Todd came aft to assist. He grabbed my fish and helped me weigh it: four-pounds six-ounces!

We continued senko fishing in the breaking dawn. Todd paced himself, reeling in senko fish at a steady rate, counting them off as he released them. “THAT’S SEVEN…”

Yes, he always out fishes me with senko, but I had the four-six, so it didn’t bother me. I switched to fluke and caught one but then missed two good fluke strikes (I chalked up the misses to weak hooksets because of my sore back). The other angler in the cove pulled up his troller in preparation to leave. He had been fishing the opposite shoreline all morning and hadn’t caught anything. I whispered to Todd, “You sure ruined his day, I think he heard you counting off all those fish!” From last week, I know how the other angler felt.

Soon it was our turn to leave. Todd pulled up the troller. He fired the big Yammer Hammer and put it in gear. He didn’t like what he heard and immediately shut it down. He trimmed up and we saw a hundred yards of eighty-pound braided fishing line wrapped around his prop. No wonder his top end was off. Some douche must have thrown it in the water at the ramp. Another boat in the cove kindly offered assistance, but we were able to free the prop with Todd’s pig sticker and my braid scissors.

Todd let me pick the next spot. I suggested we drift down a stretch of mainlake shoreline that ended in a hydrilla patch. Todd added a couple more senko fish from the reed edge to his count. The sunfish were super aggressive, robbing our baits and getting us to go full send on empty hooks. We each managed to get a sunfish in the boat. We got to the hydrilla and I was able to catch a couple of fun fish on drop shot from the outside edge.

The water level is getting low. Today it was our turn to struggle with the recovery. We had to get the trailer backed down just right to get the bow over the roller. We got the bow eye snugged up to the roller. After leaving the ramp, we discovered the stern was askew by around four or five inches, so we backed down the ramp to center the boat on the trailer. A yakker was taking out next to us and he had a stringer full of fat hybrids. Off at noon.
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