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Sorry for the late report. Saturday I woke up early and made the commute to Town Lake. I pulled up to Holiday Inn and saw three kayak enthusiast’s trailer rigs already parked along the street. I’m aquainted with one of them and I was hoping to see him on the water.

The five inch rain dump earlier in the week gave the lake a different look. The ramp, which normally has crushed granite covering the eastern 25% of the ramp, was now blanketed halfway across with crushed granite. The water clarity was typical clear, but huge floating mats of flotsam drifted across the lake (it was immensely pleasurable to watch rowers blindly plow into the mats and gingerly pull their way out of them). Some new lay downs have appeared and some existing ones have been reoriented.

I went uplake to First Street hoping for another good day like I had earlier in the month. I caught a funfish from the channel edge. A bank angler caught a fun fish on a ‘trap while his girlfriend watched. The south wind blew a big mat out from under the bridge. A kayaker followed the mat, catching some keepers from underneath. I caught five from the bridge and then started fishing my way back to the ramp. I hooked a good’un on the Series 5, but he threw the #4 treble on the second jump. Soon after, my aquaintance paddled up and we had a good chat. He’d lost a couple of giants over the last few weeks at the Bird, but did get a seven in the yak last weekend. He paddled on to I-35 while I headed for the ramp. I left earlier than I wanted to, I had only paid for parking til noon.

Sunday, Todd and I fished Decker. We launched first, indubitably, and Todd rhetorically asked if we should head for the home of the giants. The full moon lit the lake brilliantly, the morning ride sublime. “It’s gonna be a good day, just gonna send it!” was the shared thought as we rounded the peninsula, walking a chine until Todd gave it full throttle and we rode the flank bell all the way to the back of the arm.

I cast out a walking bait and twitched it back. Todd made casts with a buzz bait. The moon slouched behind the shoreline trees and we both reached for soft plastics. I was throwing fluke and Todd wackied a senko. Todd got struck first, startling us both with the viciousness of the attack. Todd swung the chunky Decker mean fish aboard. The full moon was set, but dawn was breaking so Todd edged us closer to shore. He’d located a triangular hole in the shoreline veggies, one side reeds, one side naiad, one side hydrilla. Todd put on a senko clinic for me, wrestling four very fine bass out of this spot, including a near perfect five-pound specimen of the largemouth species. I caught a dinker, uh, I meant to say “cutie-pie”.

Well that cutie-pie saved my ass from a skunk. The sun rose and the good fish all went silent. We bounced around the arm trying to relocate them. We opted for new to us water, a mainlake hydrilla mat, where Todd’s aggressive but patient senko skills rewarded him with two fish from the outside edge. We finished the day drop-shotting at another mainlake hydrilla patch. I missed a couple bites and Todd added two drop-shot fish to his count.

Todd dropped me at the courtesy dock, so’s I could back down his truck. The water level is getting low again, and the couple in the west lane struggled to launch a center console while the men in the east lane struggled to recover a deep V. As Todd circled the No Wake zone, he wondered how long I would wait before sending it straight down the middle. I paused a split-second at the circle for courtesy’s sake and then we were recovered.

Always fun to fish with you Todd! Can’t wait to get back on the water!
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