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I texted Todd that I would be at his house at 5:30 am.

His reply, “…5:30 we wont be first”

So we moved the time up an hour and, no surprises, we launched first. Reunited, we sailed straight to the home of the giants. With no moon, it was pretty dark. I rigged up a senko and a couple casts later boated a slot.

Todd was throwing a frog. I holstered the senko and cast out SSJr. The spook was getting blown up on multiple times on a retrieve. I hadn’t seen a topwater bite this good in a long time. I caught a 2-4, then a 2-5, on the spook. For both fish I called the weight correctly before weighing them on the digital scale. I suggested this was necessary to claim big bass for the day. Todd holstered the frog and cast out senko. He caught one I judged to be an ounce heavier than my 2-5, but Todd tossed it back before I could weigh it. Too bad.

The topwater bite subsided, so I cast out spinnerbait. I missed a couple and then caught a big sunfish. We both went back to senko, each of us getting a couple of fun fish. I switched to dropshot and caught three more sunfish. The sun was getting up and I was hopeful the fish were ready for second breakfast. I caught another slot on senko. I told Todd that I had the lead in the fish count and the “official” big bass, the 2-5 I’d caught on the spook.

About then, Todd’s rod went double. A big fish had short-lined him. I looked down and saw a bass swim under the boat. I jumped in the cockpit and lipped the largemouth. Todd nonchalantly pointed out that this five pounder not only gave him official big bass but tied him in the bass count because none of my sunfish should count for my total. I acquiesced, because I knew that I really didn’t want to catch all those sunfish. Like Paul says, the guy in the front is supposed to catch all the fish. However, this morning, Todd gave me every chance to put my bait in the strike zone and he just flat outfished me. Congrats Todd on becoming Champion Angler of the morning. Off at 11:30am.
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