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Happy Juneteenth!

I overslept and was horrified by the time on the clock. It was five til five! Not only was I NOT going to be first, I’d be lucky to find a parking space. I hightailed it to the lake. I bypassed a long line of trailers and quickly dropped the Uncle Buck’s Pond Prowler and all my gear onto the beach without getting in anyone’s way. I considered going north from the ramp, but I saw nav lights against the reeds there, so I headed east and made the long transit to the home of the giants.

I rounded the peninsula and could not believe my good fortune. There were at least thirty boats launched ahead of me and none were on the shoreline I was wanting to start at, however, I was still twenty minutes away. I got on station and quickly caught three on senko.

This time of year, I believe that a great deal of patience is required to fish Decker. I stayed within a quarter-mile of my start point working back and forth, covering and recovering water. The wind started blowing [email protected] and I anchored on the inside edge.

I cast drop-shot to the outside edge and caught a cutie-pie. I cast back to the same spot and caught a fun-fish. This is getting good. I cast again to the spot and got thumped. I reel-set and got a good bend in the rod. The drag slipped and then SNAP! the line broke. OMG. Why didn’t I retie?

I couldn’t let the loss of a possible good’un get me down. I dug into my terminal tackle for a #1 mosquito hook, retied and cast back out. I tensioned up the line and tapped on the rod butt to shake the tip. I got thumped and I reel set. The fish swirled on the surface, but did not reveal its size. I was steadily retrieving line until we made eye contact, the fish turning and taking drag. The fish lit the afterburners, its tail frothing the water. My drag, which was tight for 8#, was singing and I could’ve sworn this fish was foul hooked. I played the fish smoothly, the battle playing out with even odds. I didn’t fiddle with the drag or make exclamations and finally got the fish turned. The fish made a couple of heart-stopping leaps and then was in my hand.
My pulse resumed at buck fever pace. I weighed the kick-ass bass, six-pounds four-ounces.

Without thinking, I pulled the anchor and broke the spell. I bumbled around and missed a couple that could have been perch taps. I decided I was good and made turns for the ramp. Off at 10:30am.
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