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Finally! A break from the wind! With all my favorite lakes in play, I offered Todd the Pond Prowler front seat for an overdue trip to Decker. We launched at a 5:45am and trolled across to the peninsula shoreline. The choice of starting point was somewhat arbitrary, the considerations mostly driven by an abundance of caution because I decided to launch with only one battery. Right away we were catching senko fish. A steady stream of bass boats were launching, but the stretch we ran remained ours alone for the first couple of hours.

We trolled back across to the western shoreline. A squadron of dawn patrol yaks were exiting the cove heading uplake. We positioned on the outside edge and cast out drop-shot. A yakker making revolutions on a direct intercept heading hailed us asking if I was Jeremy. It was great to meet you in person @carbonbass! We had a good chat and were soon joined by @jc34 . It was really cool to meet you in person @jc34 . Providence was on my side and I was able to catch a couple drop-shot fish while we chatted, making it look like I actually do catch bass in spite of all the nonsense I post up to the internet. Not to be outdone, @carbonbass reeled in a fish, too. A school of bass were busting shad on the surface. Todd cast his senko in the melee and caught a nice slot.

Really fun day on the lake. Todd and I caught 24 between the two of us. Todd got big bass, a nice 3lb-6oz good‘un that was our last fish of the day. Off at 11:00am.
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