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Got out on Decker from 7-10:30 Saturday morning. Was a bit concerned given the Republic of Texas (ROT) going on at the convention center. Lots of bikes and lots of sunburned bikers :)

Started on the reeds opposite the discharge and caught two blacks on spinner bait in white and chartreuse. Went to the discharge and threw a shad color crank bait, caught a pretty big brim, and also a 1 1/2 catfish. On the way out of the discharge I saw some schoolinig bass and caught a white. Kind of ran the tables on species.

Flipped a tx rig rattlesnack on milfoil grass next to the reeds and got two dinks.

All in all a good day for 3 1/2 hours of fishing. Nothing big, 3.53 the biggest on spinner bait, the rest were small.
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