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Decker 5/6/23

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Wednesday afternnoon I fished Pflugie and caught three bass. Thursday I took the yak to the C&R and caught seven small bass. Last night I readied some tackle for Decker but I think I must have goofed on the prep.

I launched into a deserted lake and trolled across to the eastern shoreline. I caught a bass on TR BBH and I thought I was on to something but, no, not really. I couldn’t get another largemouth on TR. I caught a nice hybrid on a lipless. Then the wind went from the forecast 7 to over 10mph.

I saw a shad spawn over some grass near the reeds. I anchored up and cast a SSJr to the grass. I had a lot of fun for the next half hour. The sun came up, the full moon set and the bite quit. I worked the shorelines back to the ramp and caught a couple of senko fish.

As I neared the ramp, a water flea came roaring thru the no wake zone at full honk. I hollered but he couldn’t hear me. His buddy at the ramp yelled an apology. I was a seventy yards from the ramp and the water flea again cut between me and the ramp, busting a 180 and kicking a huge wake right at me. I stood, waving my arms and yelling as the wake broke over the bow of the Pond Prowler. The operator shut it down and started apologizing profusely. Both men were very nice and the operator had just acquired the PWC and was still learning the rules, which can be challenging since the city has not installed ”No Wake” buoys. Off at 10:30AM.
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I’ll be out there tomorrow morning, might have to try out some topwater now.
I fished Pfork Friday morning for a short time. Caught a few small bass but nothing I’m looking for, for this tournament I’m in. Was hoping to find a 7 like yours the other day.
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