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With summer solstice less than a month away, sunrise comes early. First light was dawning as we pulled up to a busy Decker ramp. A dozen empty trailers were already parked. We launched three wide like a boss and blasted off for the eastern arm. We came off plane and stowed the nav lights. I don’t remember who caught first, me or Todd, but I was able to stay even with Todd most of the day by junk fishing. We rotated thru our regular haunts and our day quickly turned into a grind.

The perch bites were incessant, the rain steady, the hydrilla wilted and the angler pressure heavy. The lake level is up, pushing the ditch pickles deep into the reeds. The sunfish were determined hawg blockers, intercepting our worms on nearly every cast. They were ripping them in half or removing them from the hook entirely. I caught a one pound sunfish, what!

Late in our day, I was able to find a way to get the worm in front of the bass before the sunfish could take it. I put together a string of good’uns to Todd’s chagrin. We were soaked and sore so we headed in. We caught around thirty, but we had to cover a lot of water to get there. Off at 2:30 pm.
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