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Got out to Decker about 8:00am.  Not too hot and just a little wind.  About 10-12 other boats there already and thankfully no wakeboarders and jetskiers.  Decided to fish the intake side first since I could tell but the absence of boats that almost everyone else was at the discharge side.  The intake side was was pretty warm at 76 degrees so I figured I was making the right decision anyway as I was pretty sure the discharge side would be at least 80 degrees.  Fished the reeds slowly with a variety of plastics and spinnerbaits but that didn't work.  What did work was a shallow shad colored crankbait.  Got 6 decent sized fish in the 14-16 inch range by about 10:00am.  

By 10:00am the wind changed drection a bit and picked up so I decided to head to the discharge side to get out of the wind.  Halfway there and it was already 80 degrees.  Went to the cove opposite the discharge and you could feel the heat coming off the water.  It was 82 degrees!  I fished for a few minutes but I figured it was just too warm and left.  Tried a few other spots on the discharge side but the coolest was 80 degrees.  By then the wind returned to how it was early in the day and I was heading back to the area where I had success.  But I kept loking at some ominous clouds and decided they were just too close for comfort and decided to call it a day.  By the time I was backing down the ramp there were was a link of boats and trailers waiting to get out.  The weather turned nasty really quickly.  Thankfully I made it out before it started raining but the wind was really kicking.  I hope everyone else made it out without any incidents. Decent day fishing I just wished the wether held up for just a bit longer.
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