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There was one small yak trailer already in the parking lot when we launched at 6AM. I parked Todd’s truck, stepped aboard and donned my PFD. Todd idled past markers inside the No Wake Zone that must have been left behind from yesterday’s UT rowing regatta. I suggested we start at a mainlake point. Todd went full send, throttle WFO all the way. As he barreled toward the point, I was white-knuckling. The words, “Land ho!” were forming on my lips when Todd slammed the throttle shut and cut hard right, sliding to a hockey stop on the inside edge. Fun way to start the morning.

Not only did I catch the first fish, I got the second one, too, both on senko. Todd picked up his senko rod and we continued that theme, the first ten or so fish we caught were all on senko, plus one magnum ’gill Todd caught on senko. The bites thinned out as we worked away from the point, so we agreed to go back and start again from the point. I caught back to back pie-plate yellow-bellies, one on senko and one on Rat-L-Trap. Todd caught back to back black crappies on a Fat Papa 55. He was also boating largemouth with the Fat Papa. He had a couple good’uns shake off the Fat Papa, doh! I tried a Little John MD and a KVD 2.5. I couldn’t get bit on the hard-bait, so I switched to drop-shot roboworm and went on a good run of fish.

Once again we found the bites waning further from the point. We went back to the point and Todd caught another senko fish. He also got a TR ribbontail and a drop shot fish. One day we’ll learn you don’t leave fish to find fish, because we left the point and ran down a mainlake shoreline that yielded Todd a couple senko fish and I got nada.

We ran to the western arm of the lake and tried to worm and crank the outside hydrilla edge. I missed a couple bites. Todd snagged a waterlogged bait casting combo from 10FOW with his crankbait. He gave it to me to take home and see what I could salvage. The reel is probably too far gone, but the 7’3” MH might have some life left in it. I pointed across to the peninsula shoreline and suggested we run the reeds with senko. It was getting close to noon.

We went across. I was getting perch tapped, mercilessly. I’d feel the “doink” and go full send, missing hookset after hookset. Todd was actually boating largemouth, several of them. The fish we had been catching were mostly two pounders, perhaps a 20% of them going over two-and-three-quarters pounds, but nothing over three. The only good’un I’d seen all morning was Todd’s crankbait fish that threw two trebles close to the boat as I was readying to assist in the landing.

I glanced at the graph as we transited past a micro-cove that was covered up by a yakker. I saw a nice ditch with a steep drop-off. I flung my drop-shot in there and got the “doink”. Then I was losing drag and shouting, “I need this fish!” Todd came aft to assist. He sat in the boater’s seat and lipped my fish. Finally, a big’un! I weighed her and announced 5 pound 5 ounces. The yakker congratulated me.

The yakker laughed as I held the fish up to Todd for pics with locked elbows. He said if I posted it to Facebook with exaggeration he would call me out, LOL. I released the fish and collapsed in the co-angler seat, unwilling to make another cast. I thanked Todd for putting me on the good fish. We headed in. Solid day on a solid lake. When I reached for the scale to weigh the five, I pressed the counter for the last time today. The five pounder was the twentyfifth largemouth we’d caught. Off at 1:30PM.
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