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We arrived at Decker around 6 a.m. Todd showed the on-line reservation print out to the park gate attendant. The attendant assured us, “They’re biting!”

I had looked at the radar an hour earlier. East Texas was getting soaked, but we looked to be dry. Last night, I made preparations to fish in a downpour. Happily, it was for naught, as nary a raindrop touched us all morning.

There were two other boats out somewhere, but we didn’t see them as we came off plane into the back of a shallow cove. The water was muddy with run-off and baitfish were nervously balling around weed clumps. Thanks to BassinAg’s reports, we’d come prepared with topwater lures. Predator fish were exploding out of the water all around us, even within inches of the boat. We threw Super Spook Jr, Buzzbait, Whopper Plopper 130, Hollow Frog, and Skitter Walk for about an hour for a grand total of zero bites.

We holstered all that mono, and went back to what we always do. For me that meant junk fishing. I wound up with one on TR beaver, one on 3.0 swimbait, three on senko and four with drop-shot. Todd won the fish count and big bass with twelve fish, including a skinny 4lb 9oz hoss. The lake stayed real quiet, unusual for a Saturday. I think there were maybe eight or nine trailers in the parking lot when we left at 1:30 p.m.
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