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Decker 4-8

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Fished Decker from 2:30 to 8:30 this afternoon. Bite was red hot from the time I got there until about 6. Must have caught 25-30 fish between 2:30 and 6 then it just flat out died on me. I switched from the plastics that were producing for me to a crank, then a frog, then a spinner with no success. As it started getting dark on me I went back to the soft plastics in a darker color and the bite was back on again. Must have caught another 15 fish from 7:45 to 8:30. Nothing really big, largest was a bit shy of 4 with lots of 2's & 3's & only 6-7 unders. By far the most productive day I've ever had on Decker.
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man that sounds like a fun day. Where were u at on the lake?
South shoreline primarily from the fishing pier cove west into the next cove. Didn't cover alot of ground as the fish were back in the pockets in the reeds. Had to fish slow and methodical but it paid off. Figure I was covering about 100 yards per hour.
Congrats. Best day I've ever heard of on Decker. Did you see any hybrids schooling? My father-in-law's coming out later and he loves hybrids.
Didn't fish for 'em.
What dark colors do you typically use in your soft plactics?
What a great day you had. What impact good or bad do you think Decker being a slot lake has been? I feel like I'm seeing more bigger bass than I did back in the old days. ( 1973 first time on Decker)
I think slot limits are good if we fishermen use them.

I would like to see TPWD put in an exception clause to allow tournament fishermen to retain slot fish in the livewell to be released after weigh-in, but I'm not gonna hold my breath on that one. Having to target unders for tournaments/jackpots just plain sucks!
Last Saturday I was there just for Crappy.. and saw a guy came in with a small boat, I asked him that ... " Do any good? he show me a catfish (approx. 6lb) and a 4 and 1/2 inch LMB.. I am like ... dude you keep that little bass.. he says F..yeah.. they good to eat...
I walked away w/o any respond...

LMB is not my taste...but I need to know .. really..a 4 1/2"  black bass is really good to eat???

I'll get his boat tag # when I see him at Decker next time...
4 & 1/2" is a bit rediculous, but I would encourage people to take their 5 10"-14" fish from time to time.

Personally I think bass are great eating and I will take a limit whenever I want a meal.  On slot lakes I have no qualms about keeping a limit of unders, or on non-slot lakes with a healthly bass population I'll harvest bass up to the 15"-16" range and not think twice about it.  Anything over 3# will always go back.
I agree 100% with JD.
JD I agree with you as well. That is what the slot limit was impamented for, it keeps the better breaders in the lake and reduces the compatition for food. Inturn having larger fish in the lake.
I am guilt of not keeping any of the unders I catch. But, I need to start keeping a few for dinner sometime.
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