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Was more windy than I liked but I've had the bug to get out on the water real bad this week and this afternoon was the only time I had.  So I got on the water around 2:30pm and the wind was pretty strong so I fished the intake side mainly where i could get a break from the wind.  Had one get off right near the boat and managed just one other.  At about 4:30 I had enough of the wind and I had my wife with me too and she wasn't having much fun fishing in the wind either.  Back at the ramp there were 2 game wardens checking everyone.  They came over and asked for licences and checked all our stuff and they were nice and friendly about it.  Some days I've been there and just wished the game wardens would show up.  First time I've seenthem at Decker.  Good to know they're around.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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