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We made our way carefully past a gnarly single vehicle smasheroo on 973 below the dam around 6AM. We launched alongside what we guessed was a Nitro owner's club derby at first light. We ran to our starting spot and ambitiously cast reaction baits. I whipped a 'trap hard into the wind and started cranking it back. It got struck a ways out and I hollered, "Fish on!"

My rod bent and the fish pulled back, an indicator of a good fish. A couple seconds went by and I could not turn the fish. I told Todd I wasn't sure I had a bass, maybe a catfish. I got it boatside and saw it was a four pound hybrid. Cool!

I caught my second fish on a senko. It was the right species, a largemouth, but he had to have been the oldest largemouth in the lake. Okay, first a wiper and now a geriatric. Is this how my day is going to go?

We skipped the flat and anchored on a drop-off and began drop-shotting. The bass were striking. We doubled-up on chunky bass, and after that took turns reeling swollen belly after swollen belly to the boat. We caught around twenty-five.

Our day wasn't as fantastic as last weekend, but it had its moments. Today, all our largemouth came on soft plastics: fluke, stick and handpour. Off at noon.
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