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We backed down the ramp by the light of the full moon. Gentle NE wind pushed a chilly breeze across the low but very fishable green Decker water.

We ran hard with nav lights. I try to be a good mate and lookout. I heard something like a fabric rip. Todd said it was a bird strike. I never saw. I guess the bird didn't see either when it unzipped on the stowed troller.

Todd dropped the troller on our starting spot. He was throwing el-trap and me DT6. He caught a fish, I dropped the DT6 and cast out 'trap. I caught my first and best fish of the day, a very dense three-and-a-half. We caught three more on lipless as the moon set.

We worked on down the shoreline throwing senkos. The bass were striking and good numbers were caught. We ran for new water and fished the discharge for the first time. I caught one on a Ned rig, but the water wasn't running so we left. Clouds moved in and we tried another pattern before restarting at our original starting spot and resuming the senko-fest. We ran back to the top and fished this stretch a third time and Todd was sticking 'em now. I was doing OK with senko and as a bonus caught a couple on TR BBH.

Great day on the lake. Close to forty were boated. Can't wait to get back.
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