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Decker 2/19 & 2/21

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So here's a report for my last 2 trips.  I'd been to Decker about a week ago and the temps were under 50F for the most part.  This week the temps were 52-60 and did that ever make a difference.  Saturday i was on the water from about 7:45 -12:30.  Fished mainly on the discharge side and unlike most other boats I saw I fished shallow (<8 fow) and had success with shallow to medium cranks in firetiger and sexy shad.  No luck with senkos or BBHs.  i never catch huge numbers like some do but I can't complain.  Ended up with 7, missed 2 or 3 and the best part the smallest fish was 2.5/3 lbs, the biggest going 6lbs.  Best 5 would've been around 18 lbs.

Left around midday when I was fed up of the drizzle and wind.  

Today I was on the water from around 8:30 to 2:30 and started doing the same thing that worked on Saturday but not luck at all.  Decided the fish weren't shallow and started working some of the channels around the discharge and got one fish about 14 inches.  Fished a couple of the coves on the discharge and went to the intake side since it was calmer and easier to fish.  Decided to search for conditions similar to what I caught fish in on Saturday ...fairly shallow and mid 50s.  Saw some fish cahsing shad and switched to a shallow shad colored crank and that did the trick.  Got 3 in the 2.5/3 lb range and a nice chunk that went about 5.5lbs.  All in all a good day.  The only downnside is I discovered a small leak on the bow but couldn't pinpoint the spot.  Seems like a leak on the weld.  I used some cabela's alumaweld and that slowed the leak today and I tried again when I got home so we'll see next time out.  Wished i'd gotten a mod-v instead of a flat  :-/ On a more upbeat note here's some pics from today.

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Where's BoBo? He will be on this like white on rice! Good fish Fuzz. Hope you find that pesky hole.
i believe i saw you at the dock. I was in the blue cajun boat. thanks for the advice on the firetiger mid crank bait..ended up catching 3 then trolling motor when out.
Nice man.. I think decker is the only place I've not fished in Texas. Maybe I'll get out there soon..
Nice fish - thanks for the detailed report!
Nice fish and good report. I too have been catching all my fish shallow. but 4to5 lbs is the biggest Ive been catching, maybe I should try throwing a crank more. Thanks.
Nice post. I went out last sat and caught a few in the afternoon...I need to go ahead and post it. Yeah I've got an old '79 starcraft '14 v hull and it does me right. I used to have a flat bottom and beat the hell out of was always leaking. I used to use jb weld to fix it.
49ers1 were you launching when i was leaving? I talked to some guys but don't remember the boat. browncow I think I've see you out there a time or two. I'm pretty happy with my tin boat, doesn't like the wind but it catches fish :cool:.
Yes, and it can go in some skinny water too! That's all that matters...being able to catch fish. Yeah, I go out there quite a bit. I'm in the camo homemade center console with a 25 yamaha. I bought the hull for $300 when I lived in Florida. I used to launch right off the beach and haul in some nice red snapper, kings, grouper etc... in the same boat. Anybody feel free to hit me up if you see me out on Decker!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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