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Fished Decker Sat morning from 6:45am - 11:30am. Brother wanted to hit the lake for his B-day.

We had a decent day caught about 10-12 fish, We caught a couple early in the discharge throwing Shaky Head Rattlesnakes. They weren't moving any water, so we moved to the front and fished the grass and caught fish throwing Rattletraps.

Not a fast and furious day but we did manage a few fish.

Take Care

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Glad to hear you caught a few on Sat Charlie. I was out there on Wed and and it looked like an algae bloom was going on. Green stuff floating all over the lake.

when i was there Friday.....the areas with the most algae, held the largest concentrations of bait/prey fish.... carp...garr...hybrids...and bass....all seem to be under the thickest blooms
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