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Decker 12-12

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Hit Decker this morning from 7:00 to 9:30. First hr not a bite. Was extremely chilly. So I headed over to the Dam. Hoping the morning sun on the rocks would attract the fish. Still slow. Slowly dragging A wieghtless TR senko across the bottom I managed to catch 3 fish with the largest about 2 lbs. All fish were caught in the last 45 min on the water. Had to leave to come to work just as it was getting comfortable on the water :'(

Jim ;D
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Don't you hate that? Sun starts warming the bones and you have to leave. :mad: AGH. At least you didn't get skunked ;D
Next time call me. I'll meet you out there. ;)
Debbie V
I will give you a holler Deb. I go out for a couple of hrs a couple times a wk. Would enjoy fishing with you. Also the company is always good.

That is one of the many challenges of work. Always gets in the way of a person trying to enjoy themselves :D

Jim ;D
Im ready for some good Decker and Bastrop reports!

I got some time off for the Holidays and I want to hammer those lakes.

Thanks for the report Jim.

Take Care
Can't stands it when work gets in the way of a good days fishing. Thanks for the report. Believe I will will be hitting the warm water lakes soon.
Good report Jim.
Man when the moon phase is where it is right now, I have the worst luck on an early morning bite. I prefer to wait for the late afternoon bite. But when that nasty word (work) comes into play, I know one has to do what ever they can when they can to squeeze in few extra hours on the water.
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