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Todd was still wiping the grease from his hands when he texted me that he’d just installed the rehabbed prop Friday night. This morning we launched his Stratos without delay at safe light. Todd asked me where I wanted to start (the discharge), and instead he took me to a windblown mainlake point (works for me) . The morning breeze was a little cool so I put my coat on. The water was 70°F.

We turned the corner into the cove and beheld one of nature’s coolest phenomenons. Largemouth were going berserk in a freewheeling gorge fest on the hapless shad. We were casting senkos into the melee and getting bites here and there. We weren’t getting bit on every cast, it was a little frustrating knowing there were so many largemouth around the boat and that they had very little regard for our lures, but we were putting fish in the boat and even doubled up. I was so happy to be back on the back deck!

The bites we got were pure slash strikes, the fish hitting in full stride. I got bit on WW senko, weightless fluke and 3.3 paddletail. I got big bass, a good’un that weighed three-and-a-half. Todd caught a wiper on a chatterbait. The morning bite was a lot better than I expected. Mid-morning we moved to the inside edge and caught more senko fish.

We made a short run to another cove. I caught some cutie-pies with drop-shot roboworm and senko. I caught a crappie with the paddletail. Todd was methodically reeling in decent slot senko fish. We were nearing the end of our default quit time (1pm) when I caught a “bonus time” fish, a slot fun-fish on a dead stick senko. Usually that means we fish til 1:15pm unless another fish is caught and we add another 15 minutes. I offered to take a rain check on the bonus time, so we headed in. Still need to get that clicker. Off at 1pm.
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