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Fished Decker yesterday with Steve_B.  Lucky for me he was at the ramp when i pulled up.  As we were talking I went to drop my motor and no power.  I had left the main power on, DOH! :eek:.   He invited me to fish from his boat.    We hit the discharge and picked up a couple of fish throwing shaky heads and spinnerbaits.  Then went to the front and he caught another nice one on a spinnerbait and I had a decent one on a crankbait.   Front side died so we went back around and hit the discharge with shakey heads and caught a few more.  Not a bad morning appreciate the ride Steve!

Hit Bastrop this morning.  Ran in to T-Dub who was guiding out there .  When they showed up the schools were dying down I did see them boat a few though.   I managed probably 30 or more fish out of the discharge this morning.   Tried to hit the main lake with my rattletrap the fish werent having it so went to a carolina rig and picked up a couple more small fish.  I was off the lake by 10am.   That is probably the most grass Ive seen in Bastrop in the past few yrs.

Take Care
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