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The weather forecast said 40% chance rain, which to me means a 60% chance of never seeing a drop. I’d made up my mind last night to go to Decker and fish the western arm. I slept in and launched a distant second. I still had an hour of darkness to fish. I caught a couple two plusses on a thunder cricket pre-dawn. As dawn broke the wind picked up and I struggled with boat positioning and nearly missed the razor thin morning bite feeding frenzy. I was able to get one on a fluke.

The sun came up and the grind began. I caught three on Rattlesnake and three on senko. I crossed paths with an ABF’r, and we chatted for minute before fishing on our separate ways. Great to meet you, Robert!

I checked the Fake Radar from time to time, which showed nothing, so I fished until afternoon. Nothing over three pounds, but still a beautiful day on a great lake. Off at 1pm.
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