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Last night I could see my breath as I loaded the Pond Prowler’s power pack into the hoopty truck bed. Oh its gonna be cold in the morning, I thought. I’m a weekend angler and come hell or high water, I’m fishing the mother lovin’ weekend.

This morning the weather felt fine. The forecast for light wind meant I‘m going to Decker! I made the commute down the SH in the pre-dawn darkness. Without waiting, I backed down to drop my boat in. A yakker was waiting pierside for his buddy. He asked me where I got the Flying W sticker that I’m rocking on the stern. A fan of the Hoss is a friend of mine for sure!

I settled in for the transit. The chilly morn means demand and a good cloud of steam was issuing form AE’s generating station. I was heading up the arm that has the discharge, but I opted to stick to plan A. I got to my starting spot and casted out my jerkbait. On my fourth or fifth cast, the jerk-bait got slammed. Like a moron, I started fiddling with the troller. The fish jumped and it was a good’un. I grabbed the tiller, again like a mush-brained fool. The fish jumped boatside and spit the lure. I was distraught.

I continued up the shoreline casting the jerkbait until I cast it off. It flew at least fifty feet past the reeds! No getting that one back. I tied on a Bandit 100 and promptly got a fish in the boat. Alright, feelin’ better now. I was pretty shallow, so I cast out a senko and BAM, Fish On! Another good’un! Is it gonna be a great day?

I went to the back of the cove, but the fish were conspicuously absent. I moved back to the main shoreline reeds and anchored up on one of my spots. I dragged a drop-shot alongside the outside edge. I shook the rod and paused. I reeled in a little and felt grass. I pulled it free, shook it and paused, SLAM! I had a good bend in the rod, but halfway to the boat the fish fell off. I cast back out, shook and pause, SLAM! I reel set and my line breaks. Shoot! I can’t have great day if I can’t execute.

I retied and got one in the boat, finally! OK, I think I got this drop-shot thing working now. Boy, did I. The fish were all over that drop-shot! The wind was so cooperative. I stayed all day. My middle back was on fire, but every bite more than soothed the pain. I wound up with one on the Bandit, two on BBH, four on senko and eighteen on roboworm. The gentle NE wind followed me all the way to the ramp. Made the at least five-mile jaunt on one batt. Off at 5 P.M.
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