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Last night I pressed a makeshift bushing onto the wobbly steering shaft of the tow rig. Not much time left for tackle prep, fortunately through last week I’d sorted out most of the problems with tackle tune-ups and some fresh line. This morning I launched second, the t-bone hitched pick-up in the parking lot evidence of a lone yakker on the water already.

I made turns for the eastern arm. I was hopeful for a good day. I was chillaxed in the cockpit as I made the transit. Y’all know what I mean when I say I love Texas’ “3-season weather”. I should’ve worn shorts it was so warm. There was some fog and drizzle so I put on my rain gear.

I started at a mainlake point. I missed the first two strikes but I caught the next four. The bite window was razor thin, going an hour starting at 8:00AM. I went to move and the fog thickened up. I put on my PFD. I was so worried about some bonehead coming through on plane that I took the lanyarded whistle out of the boat box and put it around my neck. Most boaters were idling up the lake.

I grinded up and down the shore line put could not get another bite. Three on senko and the pictured fish on TR beaver, all nice two pound chunks. The water is got a slight tannic stain and temps were ~ 57ish. Water level might be full pool, very easy to use the ramp. Off at noon.
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