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I was third thru the gate. A Hobie launched first while I backed down next to a late model Bass Cat Caracal. I told the boater that Bass Cat is my dream machine and that his was really cool looking. He thanked me for the compliment and we went back to launching. He stuck around the ramp for his club tourney and I set course along the same track as the Hobie. I was tracking the Hobie’s lights until he rounded the peninsula out of site.

It looked like the Hobie skipped a stretch, so I stopped to fish a mainlake point. I was throwing 1/16oz TR baby beaver. I caught two on four strikes in the darkness. I took note that the bites I got were on the mainlake side of the point.

I pressed on up the shoreline. I stopped at the next cove and upsized to a full size beaver, watermelon/red flake Rage Bug. I caught one and missed one. I thought about going to the discharge, but instead I went to the home of the giants. I’m seriously junk fishing, going inside and out. I was throwing Rat-L-Trap and Shad Rap and hauling water. I went across to the drop-shot hole and pulled a nice fish off the drop-off with a DS wacky finesse worm.

I fished some semi-shallow grass with Ol’ Monster and senko but couldn’t get bit on either. I moved out of the cove and as soon as I entered the mainlake I got two in a row on the light TR baby beaver from near the reeds. The lake wasn’t real crowded, but I figured by now I was fishing dirty water and I needed to show ‘em something different.

In Liebersdad ‘s election thread, kracka85 mentioned dragging a Carolina Rig at Decker, so I tied one up last night. Usually my “fish finder” CR rig is 3/8oz lead egg sinker, but today I went old school 1/2oz brass and glass that I bought for pennies on clearance years ago. The soft plastic I used was even older, Zoom Kiwi BBH that I bought nearly a decade ago. I caught two on four strikes, bombing the CR out into some shell beds. This was pleasing to me, ‘cuz I don’t throw CR much anymore.

I fished the outside edge some more but I couldn’t get bit. I went down the shoreline drop-shotting the inside edge with 6” roboworm and caught three more on five strikes. Very pleasant day on the water. I dodged a few raindrops early, wearing my shell briefly twice. The sun came out and I shed all my layers. I had boated eleven fish. I twirled up my rods and headed to the ramp.

The club tourney was recovering. I asked the Bass Cat operator how he did. He told me the fishing was good, he boated twenty, but while he was on the water, both passenger side (or is it driver’s side) tires on the Bass Cat trailer went flat. He had some of his club helping him, but looked to be prepared for about anything by the tools he had spread out. Off at 3:30PM.
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