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When out in my dingy at 5pm for some twilight fishing, since there was hardly any wind. Pitched worms into the sticks for a while, got nothing. I did hear bass way back in the reeds jumping. For some reason they seemed to be laying deep in thick cover. There were some other boats doing the same and they seemed to be having some luck. Having a proper bass boat is useful for pitching into the reeds. I gave up and put on a rattle trap and cruised across the lake. Saw numerous bait balls with fish on the fish finder. Some of the bait balls were close to the surface, with some fish breaking the surface. Went across one of those baitballs like 10 feet down and picked up this nice wiper, 20 inches. Trolled around a bit more but no bites, and it got dark and I got off the lake.
Wind: 0 - 3 mph
Water temp: 58-59
Water seemed a little murky but not too bad, some visibility.
The hydrilla seems to have died off considerably. Prime fishing conditions should be coming soon. Oh and Decker charges $10 for Fridays now. Maybe they always did and I didn't realize, but I thought $10 was only for Sat and Sun. wiper.png

oops - edit - date should be 1-20, not 1-21
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