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Before I left the house this morning, I told my wife that Todd was taking me to Decker. She told me to be sure to out fish him. I told her that he hasn’t been on the water in a month, so I was gonna take it easy on him. Todd and I made the short commute. As part of the dawn patrol, we put in simultaneously with a pair of yakkers and a brightly lit bimini topped center console.

Todd had in mind to start the morning on some isolated pond weed patches along the peninsula shoreline. We fished there til the sky lightened. I suggested we try the discharge. We stayed a cast length from the canal and fan cast the mouth of the discharge. I tried lipless and jerkbait for naught. Todd got struck on his swim jig and hustled the good’un to the gunnel where it jumped off. He was bummed of course, but we were also encouraged to stay and fish a minute.

We couldn’t get bit on subsequent casts, so Todd ran us back to the home of the giants. Our plan was to fish the outside edge, but nuthin’ doin’, so we went inside and found no bites there, either. He pulled up the troller and we sat down in our seats. Todd told me he was going to take me across the cove to my drop-shot hole. I rolled my eyes and said sarcastically, “Great… drop shot…” I dug in my bag for a cylinder weight and a roboworm.

Turns out, it was the best decision of the morning. On my second or third cast, I boated a cutie-pie. Next cast, I got the pictured fun fish. About five minutes later, my rod went double and I hollered out that I had a good’un. Todd dropped his rod and ran aft to assist. The fish made a stubborn pull and then swam up and spit the worm. Todd saw the bucket mouth on this one, I’m sayin at least four plus, doh!

We fished there a little longer but rollers were kicking us around, so we bailed for a protected cove. Pretty quick, Todd boated a drop-shot fish. I couldn’t get anything going, but I did not want to leave the relative shelter of this cove, so I fan cast TR and DS along with some spinnerbait casts and hauled water.

I’ll never forget my first trip to Decker. I was fishing a point in my old Bantam 3X when a nearby yakker told me, “Whenever I fish Decker, it feels like the wind is blowing from two directions at once.” LOL, just like today! We ran to another protected shoreline with a deeper inside edge. I caught three more drop-shot fish and Todd got one, too. We ran around the peninsula and tried a last ditch effort in a protected cove where I caught one last drop-shot fish.

Todd and I wound up with 9 between the two of us, but we both lost good’uns near the boat. Everything we boated was on drop shot roboworm. Around 10:30AM, I had to switch my DS weight from 1/4 oz to 3/8 oz due to the honking south wind. Water temps started at 54° in the morning and I saw 57° as we twirled up our rods. Off at 1:00PM.
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Jeremy and I have discussed Deckers fish sizes in dept.

We feel that Pfugerville lake has the most double digit fish, per acre, of any lake but Decker has the most 5lbs. And Decker has a lot more 5s than Pvilles DDs.

I only wish Decker had a few more habitats to fish. Timber, channel swings, offshore structure, etc. as long as you are comfortable fishing grass and reeds it can be a really great lake for bucket mouths.
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