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Decker 02/15

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Took a buddy out to Decker Sunday morning, he hadn't fished in 6 years. So I hadn't heard anyone talking about Decker lately, so we went and where in the Discharge way before the sun came. Didn't really get into them in the discharge, so we left early fished the reeds all the way down to the dam. I used my new Swimbaits, BBZ1 Shad fast sink, and the Tru Tungsten 4inch, I saw them following it, but no sudden bites or anything. The shaky head caught a couple, so I switched to a Dropshot with the same lure, and at the same time backed off the bank a lil bit to get into a lil deeper water. After we figured that out, we started getting fish in the boat.

Ended up with 16 fish in the boat, and was off the water about 2pm, and right when I got to the ramp I saw a Warden getting ready to put in, and he dropped what he was doing to come check us. Second time in a row to get checked for me on Decker.

I even saw a Crazy Meteor flying through the sky. I heard em talking about it on the Radio, and news. I believe I had the best view in town. I just happened to look up at the right time, and saw the entire flight of this thing. It looked like a giant arrow flying through the air. And left a smoke trail about a mile long at the end of the trajectory Even had enough time to point it out to my buddy and he saw it too. Never seen anything quite like that. It was the slowest meteor I've ever seen too. Took about 8 seconds to go across the entire sky. Looks like it landed out towards liberty hill.

All in all it was great to get back out on Decker again. I couldn't see any hydrilla, it's all on the bottom. Fishing started off kinda slow, but picked up after we figured what depth to fish at. Most of the fish we caught except for 3 happened off one spot.

Caught a lot of keepers, but the biggest was 3.75lb, and my buddy who hadn't fished in 6 years caught all of em. except for one 3.5 that I landed.

It was freezing cold, and warmed up real nice, and the fish really got active once the sun came out. Water temp was 58 degress and was almost 60 on the discharge side. Water got up to 60.2 by 2pm when we left. Fun day. I'll definitely be heading back again soon.  
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Saw the meteor as well. Easily one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
Glad you managed to hook up some fish for your Buddy. We will have to hook up again soon David. Have a couple of new spots on Decker I will share with ya ;)

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