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Daisy Legacy 22 Youth Rifle

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I have a Late 80's Daisy Legacy .22 single shot bolt action rifle for sale. It was mine as a kid but I have no use for it any longer. It is light weight, as the stock is plastic. The barrel is metal but has a plastic cover over it. The stock is adjustable as well. It is missing the rear site but an inexpensive scope would mount on it no problem. The blueing is a little scratched up on the reciever but it is 20 years old. Would be a good first gun. Daisy only made these for 2 years so they are somewhat of a collectors item. I've seen these on Gun Broker go for upwards of $200 but I'll take $100 for it as the condition is not perfect. If you need a picture I can take some, or if you would like to come check it out I live in Round Rock.

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My camera battery is charging but I sent you some Pic Messages. ;)
I forgot to mention that I would throw in some cash to make a trade on pump action 12 0r 20 gauge shotgun. Preferably with a shorter barrel for home defense, but I'm open to options.
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