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Crazy LA today

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Fished LA tonight to try to find out where the heck the big ones are. Well no big fish but, did land a 2lber. on a Tru-Tungsten 7" bluegill swimbait. To say the least, it was a mouth full for that little guy. Also went up to the low water crossing just to look around and caught a couple bucks on beds about 15 in. I love LA becaus it seems there is a bass on a bed every single day somewhere on the lake. Also caught some dock fish, best 5 would have been about 10lbs. So I officially still suck on L Austin. I will be out from sunrise to sunset on Mon. though to wreck shop on some LA hawgs. Later, it is macaroni and cheese, and bud light time ;D
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I plan on burning a tank or two of gas on Monday and Tuesday mornings trying to find something different than what I fished at my first "T". My two dinks never made it out of the livewell until halfway back to the bridge.

Wave if you see an old red Legend.
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