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I went fishing with a buddy of mine on Fayette the other day who loves to fish sunken pond DAMs. Fayette has about 15 sunken ponds, many of which are difficult to find and stay on top of.

This time he pulled out an SD card that he created that contained a track for every sunken pond DAM. A track outlines an entire DAM (both sides and both ends). I uploaded the tracks into my Humminbird, and instantly had a visual outlines for the pond DAMs across the lake. We checked out almost every pond DAM, and I was amazed at the accuracy – and how easy it made it for me to stay on the DAM just by watching the figure on my FF screen.

I use Navionics Hotmaps Premium, and while it has excellent contour information, the survey doesn’t even capture most of the sunken ponds. So it would be impossible to find them using contour lines because they aren’t accurate in that area.

I’ve attached a screenshot from my FF that shows one of the pond DAMs (outlined in Green). Note that the contour map shows no details in this area, yet I can tell you that this pond is 9 feet deep on the bank side of the DAM!

My buddy used a variety of techniques to create these overlays / tracks both on and off the water. He’s put them in a track library of sorts, so that now every time we go to Fayette, we’ll load them into the FF.

The bottom line for me is that fishing is all about time management. Going forward, every time I fish Fayette I’ll never have to waste time trying to find a sunken pond DAM again.

This whole experience made me wonder how many other people spend time creating / maintaining waypoints and tracks (on and off the water) that they use to document and visually represent their target fishing spots. And do you have the same frustrations that I do regarding inaccuracies in the electronic contour maps.


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