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Congratulations to Chris Brasher in the Stren Series on Amistad this week. Had a great tournament coming in 8th place for almost $4300. Was in the right areas for the win but sounds like it was anyone's game with his co-anglers catching some of the fish he needed for it. He caught the good ones on Day 1 with over 18, co with 9, Day 2 with 11-08, co with 13-07 catching 2 good fish that Chris could have used, and Day 3 with 9-12 with his co catching all the good ones and the big sack of the day with 17-08 moving them into 2nd place. With this tournament, Chris moves into 4th place in the standings for the year. Nice!

Congratulations also go out to Mike Power for grabbing 6th on the co-angler side and Allen Wares for 12th. Way to go guys and all the rest I may have missed. I bet if the water level had dropped 10 feet the sacks would have doubled. ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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