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Warning: Shirtless Pic Below

I launched the yak at 7am. The river was silent. Usually I’ll see salvage divers scanning the bottom for sunglasses and phones, but the virus has kept the float traffic to a minimum. I drifted downstream, casting a texposed watermelon senko at the bulkheads and getting perch taps and short strikes.

I paddled down to the confluence with the Guadelupe. I cast the senko in front of the little island there. My line started swimming so I ra’red back and reeled in a well worn river largemouth. I checked my watch against my upcoming tee time. Time to get back.

As I approached the last toober exit, I saw a family fishing from the house opposite. Three kids were bobber fishing from the dock. Dad was working a lure with a bait caster from the steps to the deck. Mom was leaning over the deck railing overseeing. I told them, “This is one of the best fishing spots on the river.”

The dad asked, “What do you normally catch here?”

I said, “I’ll catch four or five largemouth from here to the Guadelupe.”

No sooner were the words out of my mouth, the dad’s rod bent double and I exclaimed, “Get him to the dock!”

He dock flipped a nice two-and-a-half and mom ran down the stairs to take a picture while the kids jumped and cheered.

I said, “That’s a nice largemouth, dude.”

He said, “You brought us good luck!”

I got to my room and put on a shirt because you have to wear a shirt to play golf. We teed off and had a nice round at The Bandit. Yesterday I stunk it up at Landa, but today I was playing bogey golf and wound up near 100. I told my son, “There are no bad golfers, only improving golfers.”
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