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Brand new in box, never opened Cobra Marine MR F45 VHF Marine Transceiver. Retails for $120, asking $75 here before I put it on eBay for auction. If interested, call CD at (512) nine two two 3751.

Box says MR F45 but all I can find online are specs for MR F45-D. Here's a pic of the box, I think it's the same thing. If it's not, you obviously know more about these things than I do. :)

Link to specs in case the cut n paste isn't formatted:

The Cobra MR F45 is a full function DSC-capable VHF radio. The selectable 1 or 25 Watt output is perfect for short or long-range communication. This unit has features usually reserved for more costly VHF radio units including Dual Watch, Dot Matrix Display Area, an adjustable backlight, and function keys on the mic.
Weather AlertAlerts with an audible tone and visual alarm if threatening weather is nearby.
Class-D DSC (Digital Selective CallingCompliant with the latest FCC specifications for Class-D VHF Radios. Digital Selective Calling allows you to send a distress signal at the touch of a button or exchange position information with other boats or stations. DSC features on this Class-D radio include: A Dedicated Channel 70 (DSC Channel) Receiver, GPS Position Display Capability, Illuminated Distress Button, Easy MMSI Entry, Position Send and Request, Position Input Reminder, Coast Guard DSC Check Capability, etc.
Dual WatchMonitors two (2) user-selected channels at once.
Illuminated LCD DisplayProvides maximum ease of use even at night.
Keystroke Tone Signal (Selectable on/off)Confirms key activation. This feature is selectable and can be turned ON or OFF.
1 or 25 WattsDual output power for short and long communications.
All 10 NOAA/Weather ChannelsInstant access to national all hazards and weather information, 24 hours a day.
SubmersibleMeets JIS7 standards; Submersible for 30 minutes in one meter deep water.
Noise Cancelling Microphone with ControlsBlocks background noise. Controls allow instant access to channels 16 & 9 and changing of channels & setting features.
Instant Channel 16/9Instant access to channel 16 and channel 9 for emergency situations.
Illuminated Function KeysAllows high visibility of function keys.
Signal Strength MeterShows the strength of outgoing and/or incoming signal.
GPS CapabilityWhen connected to a Cobra or most other GPS receivers, you can send your position to other boats in an emergency, or exchange position information with other boats or stations.
ScanScan all channels to find conversations in progress.
DSC Call LogSimilar to the Caller ID function on a telephone, it will capture the caller's MMSI ID number and any other data included in a DSC message.
External Speaker JackAllows connection of an external speaker (not included).
USA, Canada and International ChannelsAllows operation on any of the three (3) different channel maps established for these areas.
3 Year Warranty (on radio)For products sold in the USA.

Unit Specifications
Number of Channels
All: U.S.A., Canadian, International 10 NOAA Weather Channels
Channel Spacing
25 kHZ
5 kHz Max.
Input Voltage
13.8 VDC
Current Drain:
200 mA
300 mA
5 A @ High Power 1 A @ Low Power
Temperature Range
-20°C to 60°C
Unit Dimensions
6.25" x 2.25" x 7.125" (159 mm x 57 mm x 180 mm)
Unit Weight (Lbs)
2 lbs., 6.8 oz. (130% g)

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