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How about a fishing report with your spam? Well allrighty then. I am aware that we don't live on the coast but I have been bitten by the coastal bug and it has taken control of my life. Truth be told, I was bit a long time ago and maintain reasonable control of my life. As many of you know, the trout leave the bay and head up into rivers and creeks when the weather changes. They migrate to deeper waters. They don't just head up into rivers such as the Colorado. They also head into places like the the intracoastal, harbors, deeper holes, etc... If you fish the coast, you can probably think if a place or 2. I fish alot out of the seadrift area. It's not the stained pillows at the hotel, or the dirty bathroom at the boat ramp that keeps me going back there. It's the fact that its practically the closest saltwater boat ramps to Austin. Earlier this week, I went down and caught trout on plastics just cruising deeper banks with the trolling motor in areas adjacent to cuts. I only picked up one redfish this time. Wed morning I had a limit plus the one redfish by 9:10 am. That's a good feeling to have your fillets in the box that early. Howdy to the folks I know. To the spammers, your target market is not on this forum.

Sky Sunset Cloud Sunrise Morning

nice sunrise OTW the boat ramp

Fish Fish Coregonus lavaretus Herring Sardine

24 inch red and fat trout
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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