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Choke last week

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Hey guys,
Hit up Choke last week for the first time, quite a lake for mid-summer. Went down early one morning and fished a couple of days. First day would have turned in a 30+ lb sack capped with a couple pushing 8. Fished grass lines and flooded timner from 4-12' depending on the time of day. Caught bass on cranks, shakey rattlesnakes and top water. Caught several between 4 and 7 lbs and prbably 25 1-3 lbs. Very hot, south wind blowing, a south wind can make that lake treacherous. Lots of trees in strange places and a lot of alligators, a couple pushing 14'. Lots of hazards on the lake if going down for the first time be careful. Got some cool pics

Tight Lines!!!
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you guys must have really pleased the fishing gods!!! ;D WTG!!! AMAZING FISH!!! :eek:
Nice fish Ben, sorry we didn't get to catch up at the Fish Fry.

We need to get out and fish sometime soon man.

Looks like y'all had a "normal" choke trip, geez that lake is freaking awesome this year.
Great PICS...Ben...Amazing what live water dogs will do....LOL...

Keeping that fish in the livewell all day and taking pics at various times is pretty slick!! ;D

Just kidding, great catches! Has me itching to get to Choke!
Very nice. 1000% better than my last trip to Choke.
I think I'm going to book a trip to Choke before I try the coast again this year.
Y'all did good down there! It's a great bass lake, we are going again Friday. Any direction wind can be brutal on Choke. No can make the main lake like off shore!
Ha Ha, it took me for ever to find someone to let ,e take pictures with there fish, And Robert the water ogs were supposed to be our little secret. Thanks!
Dude, nice fish, Robert told me about the trip to choke on the phone, Glad to see the pics. You can see how much sun you got this last weekend, I noticed your face gets redder and redder as you scroll down, lol. That place is seriously hot. Fun lake to fish too. Thanks for posting Ben, See you on the water.

Great pics and report Benny and Dan! Wow, looks like you ought to have some sores arms and wrists, yanking those beasts from cover. Hope you GPS'd all those stumps to share with your friends stuck at work back here!
This was by far my personal best bass fishing day.  Choke is an amazing lake.  It's awesome to think that two guys who had never fished that lake, could have such an incredible time on the first day.  Seeing alligators was cool and that lake has some very unique structure.    I'm glad we were able to put a grass edge and rattlesnake pattern together so early in the morning.  Don't let Benny play it down though.  The wind started to kick up in the evening and it was down right dangerous.  We were taking water over the bow on nearly every wave.  We were questioning the survivability of the situation, and then got forceably blown off that lake in the pitch black of night.   The bass gods made us pay for those fish, and definetly put us back in our place by the end of the evening.  
Thank you Benny for such an great trip.  
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