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DATE/TIME:    Saturday 21JUN08 6:00am-3pm
WEATHER:      Mostly Sunny skies, air temps in the upper 90s to  low 100s.  Winds were non-existant until a slight slight afternoon breeze picked up.
WATER TEMP: 84-86 degrees
VISIBILITY:   2-3 feet  

I hooked up with J.Roberts and some friends for a weekend road trip to Choke.  We all fished the San Antonio Freedom Bass Club's Hourly Big Bass Charity tournament for the Epilepsy foundation.  Always a good time hanging out with friends on a road trip at an out of town lake.

I haven't been to Choke since last summer. Anyway, it was stiffling hot just like last time except we got a nice reprieve in the form of a very light afternoon breeze.  The hydrilla mats are thick and very very healthy.  One of the coves I fished last year is so matted up with it this year that we had to fished 50-75 yards further away from the bank than last year.

Fishing was decent but not great by any means.  We caught about 20 or so fish between 2-3lbs.  J.Roberts caught a 4 lbr that won a 2nd place check in the first hour.   I caught the majority of my fish deadsticking a weightless Grande Bass Honcho along the edges of the grass mats.  Also had a really fun frog bite over and along the mats before the sun got high.  Unfortunately missed an huge explosion that might have been a quality fish right as I cleared the mats edge and got over open water.  

TIPS (for first time visitors)
-Spool up some braid for the fishing the grass.
-If you want to catch some catfish; this lake renowned for them.
-Bring plenty of cold drinks and ice to beat the heat.
-Take a camera for the scenery and wildlife, for example: gators.
-Adjust your trolling motor height up higher to go over some of the grass.

Sunrise over Calliham Ramp

The ramp at Calliham.  Nice Hydrilla mats.

Gator swimming near the Calliham shoreline.  Nice hydrilla matts at the shoreline all along the cove.

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Good report and nice pic's as always Rude. Here is one I was able to sneak up on in March of this year:

I wish you could have gotten a hook in that early frog fish to help off-set fuel costs. :)

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