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So my dad, aunt, and brother got into town a couple dyas before I did bc i ended up being sicker than dog mess til Saturday, but I know how they fished and where.

Thurs -- Calm and sunny, 30 fish caught between 2 people on senkos, tubes, and then they discovered the lizard bite. Water was clearer on the east side of the lake and temps ranged from 59-64 gedrees. Biggest fish was right at 3 lbs.

Fri -- windy and miserable. Fished west part of lake and river. 5 fish caught between 3 people, all by my aunt (the pro, go figure), all on green pumpkin magic 6" lizard in 2-5 fow. Largest fish maybe 2 lbs.

Saturday -- absolutely gorgeous day sunny and calm, temp up to 85, water temp up to 72.5 by end of day. Roughly 40 fish caught between 4 people and 2 boats. My aunt, dad, bro all used green pumpkin magic lizard. I am some what of a rogue and tried other stuff and found the secret weapon -- Tiki craw in watermelon copper on 3/16 weighted hook. Largest fish was mine 3 lbs 2 oz.

Sunday -- great morning, calm, then horrible after about 10am with 20mph winds from the south. About 20 fish caught between the 4 of us, off the water at 1pm. again they caught on the lizard, i found fish with a lake fork ring fry and my tiki craw again.

there was a bass boat about every 50 yds. Everyone in the south TX area I think was out there fishing this past weekend bc they thought the SALs would be coming up. we were all wrong as far as I know. We saw two boats pull in 5lb'ers and a guide boat with a 4+. Heard a report of a 11+, but no one we talked to pulled in much more than little keeper males. With the temps up like they were, I think we were there about a week too early. Oh well. Our time will come one of these days, just gotta keep trying. and just getting out there on a family outing and boating some fish was a memorable experience.


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