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Hit Choke on Tuesday and drove through some pretty thick rain pretty much all the way from San Antonio down. Wow, wish we had some of that in the Cedar Park area. ;) We had a light rain for the first few hours of the day but it was really nice since it wasn't 100 degree weather. The bite was also a little weird maybe because of the full moon. Water temp stayed around 85 most of the day until that sun came out full. Then it moved up to 91. Wind remained calm to light.

We did pretty good, but one of the slower number days in the last 4 months. We still managed 20 with 2 7lbs, 1 6lb, 1 5lb, 2 4lbs and the rest 2-3lbs. Best 5 was about 28-29lbs so definitely a pretty good day. We did lose or break off at least 4 pretty big ones. One of my clients had one on about 8lbs that wrapped around a tree and was trying to jump a few times until it broke off. That was in about 3 feet of water. Best baits were flukes, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Mr Blitz spinnerbaits in mouse color, some call it green shad, worked the best for the bigger bites. We worked shallow areas in the 2-12 foot range even though there are some deeper fish in the 18-25 foot range or more. I didn't get any takers throwing a deep diver though I didn't throw it but a few times.

Fun times on the water. Gotta love Choke.
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