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Fished Choke yesterday from 5:00 am til 11:00 am.... weather was not real bad until after the sun got pretty high (about 9:30 - 10:00) except that it was real "muggy".  The occasional light breeze was welcomed but didn't seem to affect the fishing any. Left at 11:00 due to the heat.....and we weren't the only ones.....first time I can remember a line at the ramp at 11:00am !!   LOL !!  

Water temps were 88.7 to 90.0 depending on where we were on the lake. The water around Mason Point and Four Fingers was pretty clear, especially around grass.  The exception was in very shallow water in the back of Three & Four Fingers.

Put in at Mason and worked the two points pretty bit pretty good outside the visible wood using very lightly weighted senko types in Watermelon/Red & Watermelon Candy.  I actually threaded a jig rattle onto my hook and outfished my partner 4 to 1.  When I removed the rattle, I stopped getting bit, so I replaced it.  All the fish we caught seemed to be relating to grass...we tried some deep water with no results.  The "Community Hole" (main lake point of Four Fingers) only had two boats on it.

Caught a number of non-keepers, which surprised us and only had 5 keepers about 3-4 lbs ea.

The only other surprising fact was that the lake was very uncrowded...completely opposite of what we were expecting, given what we have been hearing lately....

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