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Made my 1st ever fishing trip to Choke on Friday. I luanched at Mason point around 6:45 My plan was to fish the main lake early before the wind got to bad. Well when I got out into open water I decided the heck with this and turned around. I ended up fishing the south shore just west of the launch. Water temps were around 80, winds 15 to 20 and mostly cloudy. Fished with a Zara spook for about 45 minutes with no bites. I switched over to a Yellow Magic, fished it for 10 minutes or so, nothing. Started chunking a spinner bait. 2nd cast I pulled up a nice chunky fish. In the next 45 minutes I caught 5 fish around larger trees all on the spinner bait. The largest around 4 lbs. After not getting a bite on the SB for a while I start throwing a deep diving crankbait. No bites on it. Couldn't fish long, I had to be back in San Antonio by 2:00
Here is my largest fish.

and a random aligator picture

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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