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Choke Canyon 4/1 No Foolin!!!!!
Stopped off at Choke on Wednesday for an overnight stay on my way to Port Aransas. WOW!!! First time on that lake. I think I found a new favorite Lake.
Got settled in to one of the shelters---very nice. Got the yak in the water around 3---fished until sunset. I fished the shoreline of the park---Caliham---trying different things---swim bait---no bites--- C-Rig Lizard--Watermelon---2 fish---a couple of pounds each Crawfish Shallow Diving Crankbait---Bingo---first fish on that a 5 lb fatty---she shocked me beautiful fish next two by the gravel dam---one 3lb one 1lb moved back down the shoreline---no fish the next couple of hours---kept changing it up----the sun came out and the bite quit----
About 7pm I rounded the bend and paddle into the cove between the shelters and rv spots----had the CB back on---bam---actually i thought i got hung---big fish on--adrenaline pumping---jump, dive, take drag, jump again, I got her in---a just over 10lb hawg. :) i one armed paddled to a bank fisherman to take pics :) got back to fishing---next 4 fish a 7, then a 5, then a 3, then another 7-----I was worn out. All fish were caught in 2-5 ft of water---not easy to fish with a CB and all of the grass and stumps but well worth all of the snags and hang ups to boat fish like that. Without a doubt the most exciting one hour of fishing in my life.

All fish were weighed with a cheap scale so all weights are approximates.

I am in Port A but forgot my camera cord. Will upload photos the first part of next week. :)

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