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3/4 - Fished all day Hard !! Put in at South Shore not a bite. Pulled out at noon and went to Callaham and put in there. Fished until 5pm with only 1 bite (if you can call it a bite). It was a 8-10 pounder than came up and bumped my black jig/pig in 4 ft of water. I saw the fish at top of water before I felt the peck on my jig. Guess I got too excited and jerked it before it ate it.. Was kind of pre-occupied by the 12' gator on the bank about 2 boat lengths from us. He was a BIG one. Wind Blew up to 35 mph all day. Water temp 54-57deg.

3/5 - On the water at 6:30. Talked to a guide from Austin and he said to use a red rattle trap on the points in 1-5' of water. Went back and fished all of the points from the previous day and every one had fish on them. They were loving my Red rattle trap. We had our limit of 2 lb fish by 9 am and started culling them. We ended up catching about 25 total, no big ones: before we were blown off the lake about noon. Headed back to Liberty Hill. Fun trip.

I would highly recommend that you stay at Choke Canyon Lodge if you plan a trip. Great Facility Great outdoor commons area also to hang out with your buds, excellent for a club, or tournament. Covered boat stalls. It is right between South Shore and Callaham State Park. Fun trip. Can't wait to go back.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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