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Friday....launched at Calliham at 840am. Parking lot was packed! Winds were blowing! Caught 2 little spawners in Mason boat ramp cove. One on Baby 1-minus, other on TR creature bait. Fished until 2 with no other bites. and I went out of Calliham at sunrise. FOGGY! Wind was way down all day. Fished around the ramp, Mason ramp cove and 3 fingers. Picked up 11 total, biggest about 4-4.5lbs. Casting orange craw Rat-L-Traps in 2-5' with grass. Missed countless others.

Saw what appeared to be 2 tree trunks washed up on shore in 3 Fingers. Nope....that 10' gator dont like being encroached on! She came out to investigate pretty quickly. The other one, about 7', didnt hardly budge at all.

Overall, water clarity was almost nil. Water temps were in upper 60's almost everywhere.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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