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Took my step-son to Choke on Sunday and other than Daylight Savings Time screwing us up bigtime, we had a great day catchwise....Nothing over 3 lbs...but lots of 'em below that !

Weather - Cloudy all day,
Air Temps from 70 to 80 degrees
Water Temp - 68 to 69 degrees
Water Clarity - Slightly off colored in Four Fingers, Muddy way up river.
Wind - 5-10 early, increasing to almost white capping around 11:00 am.

We began the day by going to the James Daughtry ramp way up the river with the thought that we would check out Bo Derek Creek and then do a little Crappie fishing. Water was way muddy there so we re-tied the boat and headed for So. Shore.

Put in at So. Shore and headed straight to Four Fingers.  We stopped at the first (largest) island and made a pass around it (Sound familiar EA ?).  Caught a couple dinks on the C18 Platinum Pearl spinerbait on the side of the island closest to the dam.  No hits at all on the backside of the island and then came around to the opposite side of the island.  

The slight wind was blowing at this side but we couldn't buy a bite on the spinnerbait or a C18 Mini-Me so we switched to Chrome/Black Back S.O.B. "Rattlin' Shads" and the war was on !!!

We caught over 20 bass on the "Rattlin Shads" (most undersize) and ended up with 2 limits of legal size and better fish.  My arm got tired of chunkin' & windin' the "Rattlin Shad" so I switched to a Hag's F5 Tornado in Watermelon/Candy and caught the largest fish of the day (about 3.5 lbs).

We then decided to try the area where I caught the 8.2 lb'r on 2/26 and went to the very back of Four Fingers and started throwing the C18 Platinum Pearl spinnerbait again.  Only caught two smallish fish, but I did have one HUGE bass follow the spinnerbait almost to the I got about 5 yds from the boat, I stopped the spinnerbait and let it fall....she went down with it and I felt a small tap !!  I set the hook "BIG BOY STYLE" and almost took my own head off as the spinnerbait came shooting by my ear !!!

After that we went back to the island and made a couple more passes around the island and after a bout of uncontrollable yawning, we packed it in.

Had a good time with my step son and caught lots of fish !

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