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Choke Canyon 2/13

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We fished Choke yesterday and did pretty good overall. Water temp was 70 in some spots by late afternoon. Mostly mid 60's. No huge fish but boated 15 mostly in the 2-3.5lb range. Three dinks. The spawn was about to happen any minute. Lots of boats looking for beds and another 15 pounder.  Saw some big gators too!

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Cool pics! Sounds like a great time. Can't wait to get back to Choke!
Sounds like a good trip. Need to look at the calender and pan a trip SOON! ( like next weekend!)
Very cool pics! My wife is from Charleston SC and there are alot of gaters around the Santee Cooper River. I have never been out to Choke Canyon, would like to go sometime. Thanks for the report.

Nice pics. That sure is a brave blue heron!
Dang, tha tail on that gator is massive!!
Looks like the bird is standing on the gator's head in the previous picture, doesn't it?  I think it was just next to it.

Here are some more gator pictures. We saw several.

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Those are some cool pics. Thanks for posting.
I just heard a rumor that a 16lber was caught there yesterday! We'll see today I guess. Just means there will be MORE boats looking for the big girls. They are in there!
Wow! If that turns out to be true I will hold the distinction of holding the record for the shortest amount of time for the lake. Oh well, if it's true hats off to the guy that caught it.
Well it looks like my record is safe for another day at least. I'm sure there is one bigger swimming around out there.
Mann thats cool fishing around gators I want to try that lake now...
well I never been there how would I be able to get to that area ?
are there gators all over the lake or just a certain part?
6174777871667E776E776F160 said:
are there gators all over the lake or just a certain part?
They are all over the lake.
Doc, sorry to say... so I won't. :-X

Yeah, back of Opossum is probably the largest concentration of gators on the whole lake but you'll find them randomly throughout the lake. The biggest one by far I've ever seen there was on Greyhound but I haven't seen that one in a long time. Looked like a big dinosaur that you could drive a car down it's throat. Yeah, that big. The longest one I've seen there was up river that I actually have video of that's at least as long as my old 20' Cobra. :eek: I need to break out my videos.
are they agressive while you are out there fishing I mean like will they try to attack you?
Only if you find them in the mating purrrrrrr!
Yeah the purr! It sounds more like an outboard motor that is running while out of the water. I have had a few that will follow you around, and get much closer than I would consider a safe distance. However, I have never heard of anyone getting attacked.
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