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Here's the report from today.....

We fished all day today along with about 100 other boats. A couple of tourneys were there too. Everywhere we went today everybody was playing nice. Most everybody fished the South Shore because of the wind and waves.

Launched at Calliham with everybody else and headed to Mason Point...about 15 other boats there but we found a place to get started and picked up a few smaller 1-2 lb fish off the Hydrilla mats.

We crossed the main lake about noon and some of the waves had to be in the 4-5 foot range. Fun for sure. I wouldn't advise it in a small boat. My 21 ft Skeeter can handle it alright but still an adventure.

Picked up one in Opossum Creek and tried to head towards the dam but we changed our minds after passing Three Fingers. Too much work in the waves and wind.

Headed up the San Miguel river and dodged the wind and found a few more. It's real shallow up there now getting close to the bridge and has probably dropped another 18" since we were there two months ago.

The Hydrilla is starting to pop and it's fun to fish.

If you haven't been yet...go.
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