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We started out early and launched at the 99 bridge. Man the bugs were thick! Sounded like rain on the windshield First tried some of the wood going towards the main lake and nada. Moved closer to Calliham and started finding some. several in the 2-3 LB range and my partner, Stogie caught a nice piggy at 7.25lbs.

We started to move across to North Shore and my cranking battery decided to warning or anything. We hot wired with one of my TM batteries and headed back to the ramp. 3 hours driving and 4 hours fishing, we were off the water by 11:00am. New battery is in and we are going back in the morning.

The hydrilla is starting to spread. I love this lake.

Oh yeah....All were caught on T-rigged Tiki Sticks and Bill's SOB spinners baits.
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