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Day 1 results and Central Texas is leading in all categories. 188 Teams
Way to represent!!!!!!!!!!

1st Jacky Roberts and Ken Wilkins 20.14 LBS
2nd Andy Nuyen and Michael James 18.62 LBS
10th Roger Boling and Jerral Boling 15.15 LBS - 1ST IN MALE/FEMALE
15th Matt Hill and Kelly Kennemer 13.07 LBS
26th Regan Vaca and Yung Follis - 1ST in Adult/Junior 11.56 LBS

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Wow, what a tournament. On the laptop right now at Jackson Hill with the ABF crew.

Andy and Michael ended up winning it all, with Jackie of Fishfinders Marine just behind them. CENTEX took the top 2, won Adult/Junior (RMV and Rude), and Male/Female.

Heres a picture of Andy and Michaels stringer from day 1.


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Congrats on the win(s) everyone.

Look out Nationals, here comes the Centex crew!

This is just icing on the cake for FOMCTT.

Not only did the Central Division represent averaging with the most teams throughout the season, members of the Central Division rocked at Regionals.

Congrats Jeff and team for your efforts in growing the Central Division to the numbers we averaged this past season.

Hats off everyone for a job well done!


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You betcha Shamgar the team won a brand new Triton boat, motor and trailer to haul it home. How that split it up is their problem. Not so much a problem with the cash winnings.

It was a pure delight to be there for the tournament. Rooting Jeff's teams home is the most fun I have these days. Thanks all of you who took part and especially to Andy, Mike, Jackie, Yung, Regan and the Bolings......all of the FOMCENTEX guys need a pat on the back. FOM doesn't give Jeff enough credit for the work he has done but we can.

Turn out for his open and support him next year.

God Bless

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Good times at Rayburn, and ABF represented in a big way.  It was cool to witness Andy and Big Mike win the tourney.  Have some pics to share below.

Don and I were not so good- had the big motor blow on us big time the last afternoon of pre-fish.  We were on some pretty good fish, so it sucked in a big way.  Got a pic below of Don's big fish on pre-fish first morning.  We were disappointed to say the least, and almost went home but decided to stay for the evening hang-outs.  Tried to get up and troll motor around the take-off on Day 1- caught 1 keep in about two hours and loaded the boat- no grass so we were not feeling it and batteries were toast from staying on high trying to get to an area about two miles away, which we abandoned mid trip due to battery performance.  Off water at noon, and had a hell of a burger at Jackson Hill marina.   

That evening Big Mike was able to help us figure a way to limp to one of our good grass sots.  Thought what the hell since big bass was still a possibility and we would have gone stir crazy sittin' around the cabin all day.  Got on the lake and maxxed out a crisp 7.78 mph on the GPS, but after almost 2 hours made it to our closest decent pre-fish hole.  Caught 4 nice keeps and lost a toad on a  frog.  Were only able to fish a few hours, and then our boat was done.  Had to get towed in by a guy with a deck boat- he was crazy by the way.  Reminds me of most of my family back home in Nacogdoches (deep east Texas)   :'(  No weigh in for us (late), wouldn't have helped us anyway with a fat 0 for day 1.

Any way it was all in all a fun trip.  Then to see the boys cap it off with a win, I forgot my worries.....couldn't happen to two better guys.

ABF Represents!!

Cool pic of the boys riggin' up for Big Sam....

Don's big fish first hour of pre-fish on a swim bait!

Four decent fish for a few hours work on day #2- can't see in pic but my new east Texas deck boat buddy is pulling up to ask if we need help.  I think he thought we were the crazy ones for letting the fish go.

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