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Cedar Park-er/chopper

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Not a new member, just inactive for years. Anyway, I am here! I know Lake Travis, that is about all I know. Sold my boat 18 years ago, now just rely on friends with boats. I am a good boat buddy BTW, I pay gas and for lunch/dinner afterwards. Don't usually drink alcohol on the boat, but it has happened before when the time and company was right. Not against it, just prefer to fish. Don't smoke, but I dip. I don't like freezing my fingers off, so a bit of a fair weather fisherman. Can fish low and slow with the creature baits, or jerk and pop with the best of them. Cranking and spinners are good too. So, let's go fishing! See ya on the lake!
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While I cant offer you a boat (yak fisherman), I can extend a warm welcome.

I beat the bank near your neck of the woods today. (Lakewood Park) Was 30 degrees ish and I only fished 15 min before husband duties called, but seems like a decent enough pond if I put my yak in. Fished it?

Tight lines.
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